Corporate guidelines.

MicroSound's goal is to create high quality devices that meet the needs of customers while maintaining a high value over time.

It is MicroSound's goal that the devices produced are used for many years to the full satisfaction of the customer. To achieve this goal, the products must be, within the technical limits, simply upgradeable, where possible, to higher models with reasonable costs, in order to preserve the customer's investment.

MicroSound will also take care of creating, on its site, an area for the resale of its customers' used devices, which will be certified by MicroSound as long as the devices are available to the Company for a free evaluation of the state.

In our opinion, the customer must be followed, not only in the sale and use phase, but also in the resale phase of the device itself.

Following this ideal line, the extended warranty of +8 years in addition to the two years of European law is a logical consequence. Being devices designed to last well over ten years, MicroSound will fix defects related to the manufacturing or design of its devices for an additional eight years. MicroSound, believing that it offers high quality products, thanks to the quality of the materials chosen and the design goodness of the circuits, feels obliged to solve in the best way any production or design problem that may arise in the devices installed well beyond two years after the sale. .
In order to best fulfill this task it is necessary to be able to contact directly or indirectly each individual owner of each appliance in order to be able to make potential corrections to the appliances before problems occur during use (see conditions).

The warranty on the products will be provided to the appliance itself and will not be linked to the buyer, so in the event of transfer of ownership the warranty will still be considered valid, the only prerequisite for obtaining this validity will be the need to produce the regular original purchase invoice for the product with indicate the date of sale and the serial number.

Repairs will obviously be carried out by MicroSound Technology directly. As a greater guarantee for the purchaser, a second "backup" service point has been selected where the devices can be assisted in the event of MicroSound overloads.

A well-known, renowned and active multi-brand repair center for several decades: Studio HIFI CANNELLA by Alessandro Cannella, Piazza Volta 6 - Varedo MB.

Studio HIFI owns the schematics of MicroSound Technology devices and is able to carry out any repairs that may be necessary.

MicroSound Technology will decide, on a case-by-case basis, where the devices will be sent for repair.

 We have chosen DHL as a courier to handle our devices.