10 year guarantee

In addition to the two years guaranteed by law, MicroSound Technology extends its warranty by another 8 years on its products, this warranty extension is totally free, and in coverage it is exactly identical to the mandatory one of the first two years.

This on the condition (to enjoy the additional eight years) that the buyer provides contact information that is always updated as the Extended Warranty is subject to the possibility for MicroSound Technology to recall its products to make any changes aimed at avoiding known problems that could be check during use.

These "recalls" (on-site recalls), if necessary, will be completely free for customers, including shipping costs.

The shipping costs will be borne by the buyer for the normal interventions under warranty for the period of 2 + 8 years

To better exemplify, MicroSound Technology is pleased to assist its products free of charge for manufacturing defects that could occur during the eight-year extended warranty, this only on condition that the Customer gives us the opportunity to intervene on the device to make possible changes to avoid known problems before they occur.

For example, if a device of a particular Customer has a malfunction, once corrected, if MicroSound believes that the same defect may also occur on other devices of the same series, it is the primary interest of MicroSound (and the owner of the device) to call back all the appliances of that specific series and modify them so that the problem cannot occur on the appliances during normal operation.

This allows the end customer to have an up-to-date device on the defects detected in the after-sales and reduce the cases of heavy repairs for MicroSound.

Obviously, the basic condition is the possibility for MicroSound to contact all its customers to request the possible sending of the device to the factory.

If the Customer is unable, either for personal reasons or due to the inability of MicroSound to contact the Customer, the eight-year Extended Warranty will expire one month after the request for a non-compliant factory recall.