Preamplifier XSP11

XSP 10.0

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The central element of the audio system

The preamplifier is the central node where the audio signal of the system is routed and adjusted. The passive attenuator volume adjustment with relays and resistors ensures precision and repeatability.

High-level electronic components.

From polyphenylene sulphide capacitors, to 0.1% thin film resistors, to 4-layer gold-plated printed circuits, we move on to electrolytic capacitors with silk dielectric. The power supply, completely linear, with its 150,000 µF is the perfect partner for not disturbing ....


Built with passion and care to detail.

The writings on the panels are engraved in the aluminum. Painted lettering is not durable.

Our goal

Electronics that sounds

The sound coming out of this preamp is so clean and clear that it made me rediscover records and CDs that I had underestimated.


Amazing to discover that finally a Hi Fi product made in Italy can totally satisfy my ears.

Laura B.

I'm so "addicted" now from this class of sound that I could never go back.

Paolo R.

Ascoltare musica

MicroSound Technology recommends listening to Europa Radio Jazz. Available for free on many internet radio listening platforms and through two dedicated apps for IOS and Android.

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